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So, to conclude, if you install and use a version that uses the patched libraries it should work on a linux server without the xvfb server, as I can confirm. How to install php on AWS EC2 instance with Amazon MySQL RDS On Ubuntu How to give SSH Key access to user on Amazon EC2 Server wkhtmltopdf: cannot connect to X sudo apt-get install openssl build-essential xorg libssl-dev Check to see if it works: run /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf http://www.google.com test.pdf If it works, then you are done. You should download a precompiled version. http://stevemattley.com/cannot-connect/server-cannot-connect.html

share|improve this answer answered Jul 12 '13 at 8:37 Syl 1,34032143 This worked for me. Then in installed wkhtmltopdf with pdfkit as stated above. well as far as the config, if you can hit wkhtmltopdf from the command line then you should not have to do anything else, unless you are using a gem like This also explains why this will work in development mode, but not production. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17557064/wicked-pdf-does-not-run-on-ubuntu-server-wkhtmltopdf-cannot-connect-to-x-serv

Wkhtmltopdf Cannot Connect To X Server Centos 7

Skip to content Ignore Learn more Please note that GitHub no longer supports old versions of Firefox. Am I missing something? –Ales Maticic Jan 9 '15 at 12:35 Tried it again and this works for me (no install, just to keep the box clean). Best! I'm a hotel this week, so perhaps it's something to do with the way their wireless connection is set up.

Boss sends a birthday message. After installation I can find the version like this: wkhtmltopdf --version output: Name: wkhtmltopdf 0.9.9 License: Copyright (C) 2008,2009 Wkhtmltopdf Authors. I have been using the static (stand-alone) version of the program and it works great! -bash: /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf: No Such File Or Directory Should I report it?

I recommend someone making this decision to visit John McCaffreys site and watch his screencast. I'll try to remember what the solution > was > if you let me know what your situation is. These are the relevant gems installed: wkhtmltopdf-binary ( pdfkit (0.5.0) wkhtmltopdf 0.9.9 Report post Edit Delete Reply with quote Forum List Topic List New Topic Search Register User List Log In I wrote a couple blog posts but it seems that my blog is having some issues so I cant give you the links.

Log in with Google account | Log in with Yahoo account | Log in with Facebook account No account? Wkhtmltopdf Static If you're running a server, IMHO it is really not necessary or desired for the entire xorg package to be installed. It is a rails 3 app, 1.9.2 running on snow leopard. HTH 👍 3 cdwort commented Aug 24, 2013 @andywenk Thanks for the explanation.

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Then I loaded an html file that I had on my local computer and it worked.... https://github.com/mileszs/wicked_pdf/issues/53 I was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems or has any clues as to what is going wrong. Wkhtmltopdf Cannot Connect To X Server Centos 7 Report post Edit Delete Reply with quote Re: Re: wkhtmltopdf and PDFkit Nick Burdick (precisio) on 2010-11-30 02:57 Conor Nugent wrote in post #963078: > Hi David, > > I'm really Wkhtmltopdf: Cannot Connect To X Server Php How does Gandalf end up on the roof of Isengard?

You will experience this with any version of Ubuntu, and probably with any distro flavor as well (including Macs). this contact form Origin of the script https://gist.github.com/dloman/8303932 sudo wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/dloman/8303932/raw/946e9bf48ae0df6b2da4d349de18efc62ad2e9af/xvfb > /etc/init.d/xvfb sudo update-rc.d xvfb defaults Now it's time to edit /etc/init.d/xvfb and setup desired resolution on the line 12. Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 35 Star 2,278 Fork 317 pdfkit/pdfkit Code Issues 17 Pull requests 12 Projects Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Wkhtmltopdf Headless

What I recommend is installing the static binary. In it he describes three methods of generating pdfs and the pros/cons to each. mihaj commented Apr 2, 2012 Hi there! have a peek here These limitations include not being able to take multiple input sources, set header and footers, etc (check the Reduced Functionality section of the manual).

Hope this helps someone else out there. Wkhtmltopdf Docker I'll continue to see if everything else functions as normal. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. As can by typical with components, moving them to production you hope will be straight forward but is often not.

My suggestion when using production mode: First remove the wkhtmltopdf package from ubuntu and/or the wkhtmltopdf-binary gem.

In newest version of wkhtmltopdf dont need X server for work, but it no into official linux repositories. Performance difference in between Windows and Linux using intel compiler: looking at the assembly Why dd takes too long? I guess this version is missing a virtual X server or something. Ubuntu Install Wkhtmltopdf Can a president win the electoral college and lose the popular vote As a monk, can I use Deflect Missiles to protect my ally?

If you get the error "Cannot connect to X server" then continue to number 7. US Election results 2016: What went wrong with prediction models? Which word should I use for "to drive (a car)"? http://stevemattley.com/cannot-connect/remote-x-cannot-connect-to-server.html But, after running wkhtmltopdf with the -q - - attributes I received this error: Cannot connect to X server Well, of course, I'm not going to install "X Server" on a

Hopefully this will change in the future. I wasn't too convinced that one wkhtmltopdf of the same version would be any different than google's binary compile, but there is, and here is why. So I decided to try installing the static binary of wkhtmltopdf as follows: 1) Uninstall the wkhtmltopdf package: apt-get remove wkhtmltopdf 2) (in usr/local/bin) sudo curl -C - -O http://wkhtmltopdf.googlecode.com/files/wkhtmltopd... 3) Mimsy were the Borogoves - why is "mimsy" an adjective?

This solution got me to the current rev. I think installing missing 32bit libraries fixed it for me - thanks for that tip –TimoSolo Mar 14 '12 at 7:03 What is the statement in number 6 If When I try to convert it exits with an error message: wkhtmltoimage: cannot connect to X server There is X server installed but not running. In newever versions of wkthmltox developers made a patch for QT which allows it to run with a X11.

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Since **I had not been successful** installing it on my own on my Mac (I used the PdfKit ruby gem to install it), it was not clear if I would succeed Zener diodes in glass axial package - not inherently shielded from photoelectric effect?