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share|improve this answer answered Aug 27 '13 at 1:40 David Sainty 84857 add a comment| up vote 1 down vote In OS X, under the tab Profiles, then Advanced, then Terminfo, asked 3 years ago viewed 587 times active 3 years ago Related 1GNU Screen and .bashrc0directing monitoring function of GNU Screen to the hardstatusline9Setting $TERM for gnu screen12Set xterm (PuTTY) window Is the Čech cohomology of an orbifold isomorphic to its singular cohomology? Straight line equation Is the Čech cohomology of an orbifold isomorphic to its singular cohomology? http://stevemattley.com/cannot-find/screen-cannot-find-termcap.html

Top sudowtf Beginner Posts: 24 Joined: Sun Apr 15, 2012 5:31 pm Re: [W3M] Can't find termcap entry Quote Postby sudowtf » Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:11 pm thanks goodness Bad bad bad.If you're using rxvt-unicode, you're using rxvt-unicode. Although this post is tagged "gnu-screen" I suspect that I'm working with Berkeley screen, though I don't know whether that is a significant distinction. When I type screen I get the error message: Cannot find termcap entry for 'xterm-256color' After looking through forum posts, I thought it had something to do with termcap on the

Cannot Find Terminfo Entry For

Logged Send this topic Print Pages: [1] Go Up « previous next » Lime Technology - unRAID Server Community » Community » Lounge » screen - Cannot find terminfo entry for This worked straight away without even having to close and reopen the console. Not the answer you're looking for?

How often should I replace windscreen wiper blades? Should I allow my child to make an alternate meal if they do not like anything served at mealtime? Not the answer you're looking for? Boss sends a birthday message.

How do players remember all the various effects? Terminfo Environment Variable Why is (a % 256) different than (a & 0xFF)? My cat sat on my laptop, now the right side of my keyboard types the wrong characters Find a mistake in the following bogus proof Someone peeled an American flag sticker The time now is 11:46 AM.

screen will only believe that # there is a hardware status line if hs,ts,fs,ds are all set. # ts to statusline # fs from statusline # ds delete statusline # al termcap wy75-42 nx:xo:Z0=\E[?3h\E[31h:Z1=\E[?3l\E[31h terminfo wy75-42 nx:xo:Z0=\E[?3h\E[31h:Z1=\E[?3l\E[31h #remove some stupid / dangerous key bindings bind ^k #bind L bind ^\ #make them better bind \\ quit bind K kill bind I login Trying to reattach to any started by code returns only the error shown above. GO OUT AND VOTE Can a text in Latin be understood by an educated Italian who never had any formal teaching of that language?

Terminfo Environment Variable

Did you actually install termcap or did you just compile against it? Browse other questions tagged terminal osx-lion or ask your own question. Cannot Find Terminfo Entry For Why are wavelengths shorter than visible light neglected by new telescopes? Cannot Find Terminfo Entry For Xterm 256color Ubuntu Need some additional information, let me know.

Assigning only part of a string to a variable in bash Non-Repetitive Quine How does Gandalf end up on the roof of Isengard? have a peek at these guys I have the following for termcap. termcap xterm|fptwist [email protected]:cs=\E[%i%d;%dr:im=\E[4h:ei=\E[4l terminfo xterm|fptwist [email protected]:cs=\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dr:im=\E[4h:ei=\E[4l # Long time I had this in my private screenrc file. How to define a "final slide" in a beamer template? Screen Command

Put something into screenrc and run ./screen -c screenrc screen-4.0.3> cat screenrc attrcolor b ".I" term xterm termcap xterm* LP:[email protected] termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm' defbce "on" I also tried to compile it Usually not worth worrying about, but if it matters, you will have to get the right termcap onto the remote machine, as dave4420 says. –abarnert May 30 '12 at 23:46 add Please do not send me a PM asking for help... http://stevemattley.com/cannot-find/screen-cannot-find-termcap-xterm.html Q: Unknown Terminal Type ``linux'' and Similar A: In early kernels the default console terminal type has changed from ``console'' to ``linux.'' You must edit [/etc/termcap] to change the line reading:

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All rights reserved. This suggests that I need to configure something on my local machine, but I haven't been able to figure out what or how. How to stop NPCs from picking up dropped items What happens when a wizard tries to cast a cone of cold through a wall of fire? Mimsy were the Borogoves - why is "mimsy" an adjective?

x-hpterm x1700 x1720 x1750 xitex xl83 xterm xterms I thing the problem may be there are in non-standard path, because according to man page standard path is /usr/lib/terminfo/?/* What I tried: Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Unix screen utility error: Cannot find termcap entry for 'xterm-256color' up vote 9 down vote favorite 3 I work on a NetBSD Why are wavelengths shorter than visible light neglected by new telescopes? this content First I tried setting URxvt*termName: rxvt (xterm as well), then I tried copying screenrc from /etc/ and /etc/skel/ to my home directory as .screenrc, and finally I tried compiling from source

Hope it works for you.Greetz NihathraelThanks, but it doesn't work :\ Offline #4 2007-12-18 21:11:12 japetto Member From: Chicago, IL US Registered: 2006-07-02 Posts: 183 Re: screen: Cannot find terminfo entry How can I take a powerful plot item away from players without frustrating them? Why were pre-election polls and forecast models so wrong about Donald Trump? Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?

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Do the following for me:ls /usr/share/terminfo/r/rxvt* ls ~/.terminfo/r/*As both root and a user http://phraktured.net Offline #6 2007-12-19 17:21:33 siodine Member Registered: 2007-10-15 Posts: 15 Re: screen: Cannot find terminfo entry for termcap facit al=\E[L\E[K:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:cs=\E[%i%d;%dr:[email protected] terminfo facit al=\E[L\E[K:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]:cs=\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dr:[email protected] #make sun termcap/info better termcap sun 'up=^K:AL=\E[%dL:DL=\E[%dM:UP=\E[%dA:DO=\E[%dB:LE=\E[%dD:RI=\E[%dC:IC=\E[%[email protected]:WS=1000\E[8;%d;%dt' terminfo sun 'up=^K:AL=\E[%p1%dL:DL=\E[%p1%dM:UP=\E[%p1%dA:DO=\E[%p1%dB:LE=\E[%p1%dD:RI=\E[%p1%dC:IC=\E[%p1%[email protected]:WS=\E[8;%p1%d;%p2%dt$<1000>' #xterm understands both im/ic and doesn't have a status line. #Note: Do not specify im If possible, create a symbolic link to inform of the correct location of your terminfo for screen. –deed02392 Dec 11 '12 at 10:56 Here is strace pastebin.com/W6rYdf2A, but it screen hp-ux terminfo share|improve this question edited Dec 12 '12 at 8:29 asked Dec 11 '12 at 10:52 Ency 6361924 Do a strace on screen and see where it

screen_vt100.jpg (49.78 kB, 650x361 - viewed 317 times.) « Last Edit: July 30, 2011, 02:59:47 PM by queeg » Logged Like us on facebookIf You Didn't Buy Your Server From Me Posts: 1 Joined: Sun Aug 14, 2011 3:58 pm Re: [W3M] Can't find termcap entry Quote Postby ysre » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:01 pm I know it's 3 years I have tried many different terminals: vt100, xterm, linux, ansi having the definitions in the /etc/termcap like: vt100|vt100-am|dec vt100 (w/advanced video):\ :am:bs:ms:xn:xo:\ :co#80:it#8:li#24:vt#3:\ :@8=\EOM:DO=\E[%dB:K1=\EOq:K2=\EOr:K3=\EOs:K4=\EOp:K5=\EOn:\ :LE=\E[%dD:RA=\E[?7l:RI=\E[%dC:SA=\E[?7h:UP=\E[%dA:\ :ac=``aaffggjjkkllmmnnooppqqrrssttuuvvwwxxyyzz{{||}}~~:\ :ae=^O:as=^N:bl=^G:cb=\E[1K:cd=\E[J:ce=\E[K:cl=\E[H\E[J:\ :cm=\E[%i%d;%dH:cr=^M:cs=\E[%i%d;%dr:ct=\E[3g:do=^J:\ :eA=\E(B\E)0:ho=\E[H:k0=\EOy:k1=\EOP:k2=\EOQ:k3=\EOR:\ :k4=\EOS:k5=\EOt:k6=\EOu:k7=\EOv:k8=\EOl:k9=\EOw:k;=\EOx:\ :kb=^H:kd=\EOB:ke=\E[?1l\E>:kl=\EOD:kr=\EOC:ks=\E[?1h\E=:\ How do pilots identify the taxi path to the runway?

Upon launching the Terminal, however, I found it had still overridden this setting with xterm-color.