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Server Cannot Open Database Boinc

Error code -211 to -220 explained. ERR_SIGNING_KEY -215 No longer used in any version of BOINC. The connection to the database was lost while storing a result in its memory. 14. To add this to the registry double-click the file. weblink

Mostly happening on Vista, but can also happen on older Windows versions, especially when you reset the computer at the time BOINC starts crunching new tasks, previously not crunched. Can you post a link to friend's problematic AMD host? 18) Message boards : Number crunching : Mail notifications? (Message 3126) Posted 23 Jul 2015 by Dr Who Fan Same here The subscriber returned HRESULT 80010105. Exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005): This is the famous "General Access Violation".

via Task Manager or even BOINC), this (formerly opened) file may stay locked even if the application is terminated (due to file locks are handled by the OS - e.g. First check on the project's front page in the News what it says there, check in the forums, and server status pages of the project if there are problems. For example, if some of your files have a '.map' extension, remove the line AddHandler imap-file map from httpd.conf Apache has a default request size limit of 1 MB.

ERR_ALREADY_ATTACHED -130 You are trying to attach to a project you are already attached to. In the security panel, click the option under Server authentication for 'SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode'. Maybe there are runs within runs or something like that. On Windows: Exit BOINC Manager.

BOINC Client Common Errors Available in: Created: 25/11/2009 11:56:36 Last Modified: 11/02/2010 14:30:13 Contents: With BOINC the Error code 417 usually means that something in your internet connection changed. Scheduler request failed: Failed sending data to the peer FAQ: Scheduler request failed: Failed sending data to the peer Title: Scheduler request failed: Failed sending data to the peer Author: Jorden Solution: make sure nothing else but for BOINC runs when doing the benchmarking. Error code -100 to -110 explained.

Success. My cat sat on my laptop, now the right side of my keyboard types the wrong characters magento 2: How to use the order by and limit clause in sql query I think they purged the user databases several times in the past so I think that old accounts are not working anymore.ID: 52028 · BobCat13Sendmessage Joined: 6 Dec 06Posts: 108 Message ERR_WRONG_URL -219 You are using the wrong URL for this project.

If necessary, verify that the remote Web server hosting the application can access the SQL Server using the name (or IP address). more info here One is this connectivity thing (project down reports), another is the growing number of pendings. See ERR_CONNECT -107 Error on file upload: socket read incomplete: asked for 12922, got 7422: No such file or directory together with Error on file upload: socket read incomplete: asked for Search on GeoNet Submit to ArcGIS Ideas Error: Cannot open database requested by the login.

Been trying for about 4 days. http://stevemattley.com/server-cannot/server-cannot-be-located.html You will probably have to detach and reattach to fix this. (Detaching/Reattaching forces a new download of the public key). It has been this way as long as I have been at this project. 8) Message boards : Number crunching : validate errors ? (Message 4089) Posted 27 Jul 2016 by Signal 1: Hang up. (SIGHUP) Signal 2: Interrupt signal. (SIGINT) Signal 3: Quit signal. (SIGQUIT) Signal 15: Termination UbuntuCommunityAsk!DeveloperDesignDiscourseHardwareInsightsJujuShopMore ›AppsHelpForumLaunchpadMAASCanonical current community chat Ask Ubuntu Ask Ubuntu Meta your communities Sign

Project Scheduler request failed: Couldn't resolve host name FAQ: Project Scheduler request failed: Couldn't resolve host name Title: Project Scheduler request failed: Couldn't resolve host name Author: Jorden Views: 193005 Category: Why is looping over find's output bad practice? ERR_NETOPEN -152 Old code no longer used in any present version of BOINC. check over here And that is where the problem lies.

Solution: Either run BOINC as administrator, or give the user you want to run under rights to write to the BOINC /BOINC Data directory and subdirectories. MySQLclient notes Configure mysql with the --enable-thread-safe-client switch. In the dialog box that opens, enter a name for the new login (e.g., AGSApplications).

Error code -231 to -240 explained.

ERR_XML_PARSE -112 BOINC found an unexpected XML tag or XML format in one of its XML files. mmhm, no new wu's for this project?...since two days no works :( ...cu hk Donald A. e.g. Hexadecimal 'numbers' run from 0 to 9 and a to f.

exit code -1073741510 (0xc000013a) (On Windows Vista) FAQ: exit code -1073741510 (0xc000013a) (On Windows Vista) Title: exit code -1073741510 (0xc000013a) (On Windows Vista) Author: Jorden Views: 223904 Category: 06. BOINC Client Common Errors Available in: Created: 08/03/2010 11:55:03 Last Modified: 28/06/2011 00:01:23 Contents: This pop-up will come up at any time that BOINC Manager cannot communicate with the Going on forums, people can't help you as they don't know where to start. http://stevemattley.com/server-cannot/server-cannot-found.html You can inspect the build and runtime dependencies of the boinc-server-maker package ​here and the latter more graphically also ​here.

ERR_SEMGET -165 BOINC is unable to get a set of semaphores. The Einstein developers would greatly appreciate any idea which DLL this might be - so far they haven't got a clue. To optimize its performance, read about configuring MySQL for BOINC. Installing the ia32 library package will fix this problem.

The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request by the BOINC client for access to the requested URL. In the command line window that opened, type: (If you use BOINC as a service, type net stop boinc and press Enter.) cd\program files\boinc and press Enter. Perhaps that your ISP switched from using HTTP 1.1 to HTTP 1.0, or it has other problems. Author: Jorden Views: 217467 Category: 06.

To fix permissions on an existing project, do: chmod 02770 upload chmod 02770 html/cache chmod 02770 html/inc chmod 02770 html/languages chmod 02770 html/languages/compiled chmod 02770 html/user_profile You may also need to ERR_NO_APP_VERSION -195 BOINC couldn't find the application's version number. BOINC failed to send or receive data through the network. Why there is no work assigned.

Sorry, it happened to me as well, trying to help you but eventually giving up as I didn't know anymore. Error code -111 to -120 explained. If the server went down for some reason, an error 404 will give this same reaction. ERR_TIMER_INIT -176 This is old code that is no longer in use by any version of Boinc.

Solution: Don't make any files Read-Only. 2. Eventually you'll have to pay Amazon, but even then it may be cheaper than using your own hardware.